Azzahra International Foundation

3642 Fleury Est
Montréal-Nord QC  H1H-2S4

Phone: 514-727-6666


For the last 20 years, the Foundation managed to
set up major community and charitable projects
through the following institutions:

1. The Social, Cultural and Community Center
2. The Fatima Azzahra Mosque
3. The Al Mortadha Charitable Association
4. The Ibn Sina Academy
5. The Azzahara Recreational & Outdoor Camp
6. The Hamza Cemetery and Funeral Parlor

1. The Social, Cultural and Community Centre (SCCC)

The Social, Cultural and Community Center (SCCC)
offers newcomers services allowing them to integrate
into the host society. The Center provides help, assistance
and advice to families and individuals. Cultural,
social, religious conferences and seminars are regularly
organized at the Center.
Weekly leisure activities and networking events are
organized for young immigrants and adults alike. In
doing so, the SCCC provides guidance to groups of
immigrants of all ages aimed at increasing their awareness
with regards to their civic responsibility.
The following services are available at the SCCC:
j Confidential listening for individuals, public orientation, group discussions and coaching,
j Problem solving and adequate support for individuals,
j Learning sessions and coaching aimed at reinvigorating the social lives of individuals in difficulties,
j Lectures, group discussions and forums aimed at increasing the knowledge about local practices
for a better understanding of the immigration process and its related issues, j Organizing group activities and team projects for young people in order to fight isolation and
making it easier for them to integrate the host society, j Social gathering and interacting on a weekly basis including a free meal every Thursday night.

2. The Fatima Azzahra Mosque
The head office of the Azzahra International Foundation
is located at 3642 Fleury East in Montréal-Nord,
H4H 2S4.
It consist mainly of a Mosque that canaccommodate 400 believers, a big library and the administrative offices of the Foundation.

3. The Al Mortadha Association
The Al Morthada Association manages socialand matters. It specializes in official or religious
community marriages. It provides formalities for both types of unions.
At the request of parties involved in a dispute or a conflict, the Al Mortadha Association if necessary,
may intervene and mediate free of charge between family members.

Registered with the Quebec Ministry Responsible for Civil Status since 1990, hundreds of marriages contracts are celebrated every year at the Association.

4. The Ibn Sina Academy* :
(Elementary and Secondary School)
The Académie Ibn Sina is a nonprofit private school.
First, an elementary school opened its doors in the
east part of Montreal in September 1996, followed by
another secondary school in 2002 located in the north
part of the city.
(*) The school has been named in remembrance of the Muslim Arab Philosopher
Ibn Sina, one of the founders of modern medicine. He is known to the
Western world as Avicenne. The Academie who is striving through modern
teaching methods to provide a higher level of educational curriculum to its
students, operates with an official permit from the Quebec Ministry of Education,
Sports and Leisure.

The Académie Ibn Sina is open to all, and has the
primary purpose of educating future generations to
be open minded to all cultures and allow members of
our community to spread their cultural and religious
identity while integrating the Quebec and Canadian
The Academy offer students a personalized, cultural and educational schooling program from kindergarten (4 years old) to secondary school (approximately 18
years old).
Furthermore, the quality of staff and their
strict management have contributed to its excellent reputation. Indeed, students from the Académie Ibn
Sina have excelled in recent years, either in mathematics for 2010 or by winning Golden Diplomas at the
University of Waterloo in Ontario. One of them won the provincial gold medal at the annual French “dictation”
competition organized by the Optimist Club of South
Central Quebec District in 2009.
In addition, school staff is expected to introduce students
to the principles, values and practices of civic
life such as the love of others, respect for self and others,
honesty, cooperative spirit, brotherhood, caring,
good-neighborliness and proper language.

Professional and warm guidance and supervision,
especially for youths with difficulties, allows students
to grow and flourish within the Académie Ibn Sin
educational family.
The Académie also offer a wide array of resources,
activities and services such as: Computer and
Scientific Labs, Prayer room, Library, Physical Activities,
Extracurricular activities, School bus transportation,
Scientific excursions and Leisure travel.


5. The Azzahra Recreational & Outdoor Camp

In the spring of 1998, the Foundation partnered in
purchasing a natural campground in St-Calixte (Laurentians
- Quebec), at 60 km outside Montreal. The12 million square feet land on which the campground
is established includes a forest, two lakes and three
natural beaches. The landsite has been designed to allow visitors to practice sporting activities, as well as
picnicking and camping.
Supervised natural science related courses are organized
twice during school year at the campground by
the Académie Ibn Sina for its students. Community
members, specially the youth can camp for free during
their summer holidays.
Entire families may organize recreational activities
outdoors and enjoy an environment of great natural

Azzahra International Foundation which runs the camp began studies for the development of land into housing units according to local municipal standards to build summer resort and leisure living. The first results of the study permit the projection to build 200 units of
various types.
These units will have the necessary infrastructure and
facilities comparable to a holiday village with outdoors

in the Laurentians or elsewhere.
6. The Hamza Funeral Parlor and Cemetery

In 1993, the Foundation purchased land in Laval,
North of Montreal for an Islamic cemetery and named it Hamza. The surface of the land is 262,000 square feet which is enough for 8000 graves. The construction
cost was $1 million. The Foundation received the official authorization to run a funeral parlor in the
Muslim tradition.

Head Office of International
Fondation Azzahra and Al Mortadha

3642, Fleury East, Montreal
Quebec H1H 2S4 Canada
T. 514.727.6666
F. 514.727.6655

Social, Cultural and Community Center:
3642 A, Fleury East, Montreal
Quebec H4H 2S4 Canada
T. 514.727.6655 / F. 514.727.6655

Fatima Azzahra Mosque:
3644, Fleury East, Montreal
Quebec H4H 2S4 Canada
T. 514.727.6666

Ibn Sina Academies:
Elementary School:
6500, 39e Avenue, Montreal
Quebec H1T 2W8 Canada
T. 514.722.0925 / F. 514.722.0939

Secondary School:
12190, Brunet, Montreal-Nord
Quebec H1G 5H2 Canada
T. 514.787.0065 / F. 514.787.0054

Azzahra Recreational
& Outdoor Camp:
500, 10e Rang, Saint-Calixte
Quebec J0K 1Z0 Canada
T. 514.727.6666

Hamza Cemetery and
Funeral Parlor:
1101, Montée Masson, Laval
Quebec H7C 1S3 Canada
T. 450.664.0555 / 514.727.6666

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